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Photography / Digital Editing

With experience art-directing photo shoots and access to extensive libraries of stock photographs, I can supply images for practically any project. In addition, I have virtually limitless image editing capabilities.


In many cases stock photographs are the most practical option because they are cost-effective and immediately available, but certain jobs require original photography. I've done it all — hiring a photographer, casting models, choosing locations, designing sets. Art-directing photo shoots requires creativity, marketing expertise, organizational skills, and a lot of patience. These are the qualities I bring to a photo shoot.

Digital Editing

Digital editing is part of practically every job I do, but some images require more work than others. Changes can be as minor as removing dust specks, or as major as adding or removing substantial elements of the photo (e.g. replacing a background or removing a person from a group photo). Photo editing can be time-consuming, so it's always important to start with the highest quality images possible.

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